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15th September 2012

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Do normal humans relate to this

So many times in social situations I find myself asking… what would a normal human do right now? But then I say… wait… I am a normal human(relatively speaking)! Why don’t I know this?!

And then suddenly I understand why I relate so well to characters like this:

He studied the young woman, bemused by the look of pure terror in her expression. A thousand different variations on emotions- fear, anger, joy, sorrow- he knew every one, could invoke them in people with the slightest effort. Yet, as was often the case lately, he was left with a strange sense of distance between himself and the woman. There was something about the moment that he didn’t quite understand. Wondering what a human would do in this situation- or if a human had ever been in this situation- he searched for the appropriate response. For the second time in his life, he found nothing, and shrugged. “I’m a demon.”

Social awkwardness sucks. 

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  1. tueften said: I sometimes wonder how many people like this are out there and how many people I meet are actually “acting”.
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