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15th September 2012

Question with 2 notes

billboard-charts said: So, an Atheist decided to tell me that even though I, and many other people, are far cry from being anything like the WBC, we are all still seen as crazy and that we would EVENTUALLY beat someone over the Bible because we share a common religion. Regardless of the fact if all we want to keep our beliefs to ourselves, that will still happen. Is that even logical?

No, not at all. It’s a classic example of a slippery slope logical fallacy that ignores any possibility of a middle ground. It would be identical to saying that because Stalin was atheist, all atheists will eventually(or want to) kill millions of people in a brutal regime.

Besides, ANY idea taken to an extreme is dangerous. Ex: Kittens are cute, and make lots of people happy. Owning kittens = good. Owning 50 of them in a small apartment = bad. The extreme doesn’t make owning a kitten a bad idea, it just makes extremism bad- as it always is.

  1. joaniam said: It’s like saying all Athiests, by being Atheists, will try and violently overthrow the government and put an authoritarian dictatorship in place. It’s about as logical.
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