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22nd September 2012

Question with 1 note

Anonymous said: Should I join the Sunni's or Shia. The Shia seem more prevalent North Africa. I also support Sharia law in the Western World. May Allah bless you my friend.

Such a weird if mildly amusing troll. I’ll bite.

1. How the heck should I know? If you were really planning on becomming a Muslim, I’m guessing you’d already know the answer to that question.

2.  Ok.

3. Sharia law used in the US courts would neither be particularly remarkable nor unprecedented- if used between two Muslims. If not used between Muslims, it would make absolutely no sense given the separation of church and state… unless of course, you’re saying you want all of the Western World to become Muslim. That’s cool.

4. God bless you too, troll friend.

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