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23rd September 2012

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At least you have to be able to read to like Twilight




Getting tired of hearing criticism of Twilight and general Çhik Flik books/movies. Not because they don’t deserve criticism(they do), but I often hear it expressed as ’one of those stupid woman things.’

Here’s a shocking report: Men like plenty of stupid things too. Many of the most colossally stupid things ever created are primarily enjoyed by men(WWF, plot-less violent/gross humor/special effect movies, cock/dog fighting, internet gaming culture, etc). And while these things are described as stupid on occasion, the reason why they’re stupid rarely seems to be ‘because men primarily like them’.

Once again, men are the normal ones. Women need to be explained.

Also, I once again have home internet access. Yay!

Twilight isn’t stupid because women like it. 

Twilight is horrible because it is saturated in sexist, racist, problematic bullshit. 

But yes, criticism that amounts to “Twilight/Beiber/One Direction/Other girly shit sucks because look at all the dumb girls who like it” needs to stop. 

As a counter argument, Hunger Games which features a female protagonist and is directed at girls as a primary audience is very popular amongst men and women.  On a personal note, my husbands marine friends fucking DEVOURED the series on their last deployment, and really identified with Katniss’s PTSD in the second and third books.

I’m definitely not saying “Well Hunger Games is popular, your argument about teenage girl interests being villified is therefore invalid.”  Hunger Games is an extreme and rare example, and it’s definitely not right to compare a brave protagonist who grew up in a post apocalyptic world as “better” than a scared girl who is literally treated like she’s five years old her entire life and probably the rest of eternity.  Both heroines are tragic in the circumstances they are faced with, the only difference is one overcomes her obstacles and the other succumbs to them, and it’s terrifying that the latter is considered the one with the “happier” ending, and makes more money.

Actually, I wouldn’t count Hunger Games in the ‘girl fiction’ category, largely because as you point out, it’s appreciated by both men and women.

And that is the general trend EVERYWHERE- things that are made specifically to appeal only to men or women tend to be very stupid. Things that are made without gender in mind and just want to tell a good story tend to be… well, good. Turns out, real people aren’t stereotypes. Hunger Games is a well-written series that just happens to have a female protagonist. That doesn’t make it female literature.

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    The books were marketed towards a female demographic while the movie had more gender neutral marketing. God forbid...
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    Actually, I wouldn’t count Hunger Games in the ‘girl fiction’ category, largely because as you point out, it’s...
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