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29th September 2012

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This is why I never tell people what I’m ‘supposed’ to be

Costume drama. I dunno. ANY costume you put on that isn’t a fictional character or a vegetable is going to be giving a distorted view of some culture(pirates, cowboys, ninjas, etc.) Even some fictional characters are going to represent a stereotype(leprecauns). That’s the nature of costumes, by simple fact that you’re dressing as something that isn’t you.

I kinda feel like there ought to be one day out of the year when there’s no such thing as political correctness and anyone can wear whatever idiotic thing they want, out of common understanding that ‘it’s a joke.’ Halloween should be that day. And sure, it’s easy for me to say that, not having a culture that anyone would to¬†appropriate, but I’m all for people dressing up like nerdy, awkward white girls who are way too into religion. I don’t understand what’s so offensive about a costume.

There ARE things one could do within the confines of someone else’s culture, or in relation to someone else’s culture¬†that would be offensive- not removing shoes when asked, using the left hand to greet people, wearing ritualistic clothing you don’t understand(or around people who do understand it), or even something like taking communion if you aren’t Catholic(though probably only offensive if they knew) I’m just not convinced that in America, and particularly on Halloween, wearing costumes counts as culturally insentive or appropriative. That IS part of our culture, even if not everyone approves(and disagreement is another part of American culture).

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