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29th September 2012

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Is feminism even necessary in this day and age?



I could see if it was still the 20’s, where women couldn’t vote and were treated like property, but now, they have as many rights as men, heck, some even get special privileges just for being a woman. I know it exists “to stop misogyny”, but what the feminists are doing is only making it worse.


Grr. Those feminists, they ruin everything, stepping all over my priveledge to be treated like a helpless adornment for the glory of my man- or questioned on why I’m not with one, and not currently pregnant. What the hell else would I do with my life, really? Waste time on MATH?- but men are naturally better at it, so why bother? WRITING?- oh come on, the sort of romantic fluff that women are only capable of writing isn’t really ‘literature’, amirite? That’s why all the most well-known writers are MEN, even on television. And if I like teaching, it’s only because I secretly want children of my own, cause I’m so damn nurturing like that.

Feminists. They just don’t get it.

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    How on Earth are feminists fighting for women’s rights making it harder for women to have rights? Just take the dicks...
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