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24th October 2012

Question with 3 notes

itsugarmania said: what's your opinion on Mourdock's comments regarding pregnancy as a result of rape "god's intention"??

It’s ridiculous.

For one thing, rape is a sin. It’s so obviously a sin, it didn’t need to be included in the ten commandments because no moral, decent person would ever rape(though they might forget some of the others when angry or stressed). Sin is perpetrated by man, not God.

If you fire a bullet and someone dies, no one would be insane/horrible enough to try and claim that their death was God’s will. They died because you shot them. If a woman is pregnant because of rape, it’s because they were raped- not because of God.

The only reason this claim gets any ‘merit’ whatsoever is because misogynists like him believe that a woman’s only purpose is to produce children. Well, even IF that was true, that purpose does NOT include being raped.

There’s just absolutely no way to justify it, theologically or morally. He’s a sick, twisted human being, and any Christian who who thinks otherwise ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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