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29th October 2012

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Something about which there is no argument…

I am hilarious.

And I love writing stories about angels and demons. Why would anyone write about anything else? This particular character(Snowflake) is one of my favorites, as she’s often unintentionally hilarious and annoying. Reminds me of one of my old roommates(so many of my annoying characters do):

"Ugh!" Snowflake exclaimed in disgust. "God?" she repeated, glaring at Valerie. "You angels… you’re all the same. Always going on and on and onĀ about Him. Well, what about ME? You wanna know what I think?"

"Yes," Valerie responded quickly, recognizing a good stalling possibility when she heard one, "yes I do. I… am very interested."

Snowflake’s expression was one of a person who was trying very hard not to look pleased by the response. “What’s God ever done, anyway?”

"Created the universe?" Valerie offered helpfully.

"Oh, big deal! That could’ve happened on its own!" the demon snapped back, "And just look at this place. It’s a mess! Everything I’ve ever done has turned out PERFECTLY, but do you ever hear anyone talking about how great I am?"

I dunno, I just enjoy characters like this. Life isn’t fair, and Snowflake totally gets that. At any rate, I guess I have work to do.

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