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29th October 2012

Question with 1 note

Anonymous said: Firstly, I don't get why one of your followers mentioned the Ontological argument. That isn't the argument I was talking about. The argument is called the Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism. Evolution shouldn't justify racism, sexism and the like; I agree. However, you titled it "Faith in Evolution." Evolutionary Psychology does explain this urging for god. That isn't faith; it's fact. Religion is linked to culture, which came about via human evolution.

No, it isn’t. That’s just a theory. You can’t replace the argument ‘God did it’ with ‘evolution did it’ and expect that to be the end of it. Naturalism is a theory, not a proven fact. You have to be able to¬†explain why naturalism is the correct method to determine social behavior, as that has nothing to do with biology and is not easily observed in non-human creatures.

The alternative idea might be that God created man(and possibly other creatures) to have this urging and sense of morality. If that were true, then why does that not explain the evidence we see equally well(and the answer better not be, because Naturalism is the right theory- circular reasoning)? The usefullness of the God-hypothesis as opposed to the Naturalism-hypothesis is that the former also explains much about the regularity in nature, the creation of the universe, and the development of intelligent life.

  1. ilmachia said: Oops. I saw Plantinga and assumed. We had just talked about it in my philosophy class, so that’s where my mind jumped to. My b!
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