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30th October 2012


pussnbootz said: I feel like engaging the tough question in scriptural study just turns into a vehicle for doctrinal arguments. Sometimes I think it’s best to just be like, “that’s what the verse says. interpret it how you want, but that’s what it says.”

But not all interpretations are equally correct. Even if they were, I feel like avoiding those issues just leaves people vulnerable to being attacked on their beliefs with no way to defend themselves. At the very least, we should know what the range of likely interpretations are. You don’t have to make it out that a person isn’t Christian if they don’t agree with every single word(or with a particular interpretation)- as a historical note, there was a time when 95-99% of people couldn’t read the bible themselves. There were still Christians.

Today, we should take advantage of our literacy and theological sources as much as possible.