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17th January 2013

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My opinions have destroyed millions

I really hate when a friend seems to want to start an unsolicited argument with me about religion. I recently read the NPR article about ‘why young people are turning from faith’, and then was sent a link to it by someone who wanted me to give them my opinion about it.

So, I told them it seemed like a pointless, completely unenlightening reproduction of the typical reasons young people give for not being faithful, and that most of them didn’t seem to understand that well about what belief means or why it’s important, philosophically- so I don’t particularly care about their opinions.

Apparently, this was an invitation to argue about why Christianity is terrible and has caused nothing but bad stuff and divides people and uses God to justify it, and so forth. I wouldn’t mind that SO MUCH, except that:

1. This person does this all the time.

2. They keep presenting these opinions as if they’re facts that I should agree with, and get upset when I have a better response.

3. If you aren’t going to like my opinion, don’t ask for it.

4. When I initially said I was converting to Christianity, they said that was perfectly fine, so long as I didn’t try to convert them(to date, I have never initiated the topic with them)- so why is it not a problem for you to try to do the same?!

But thinking about it later, I got to wondering what the heck they thought my reaction was going to be to the article? Was I supposed to read it and say to myself, ‘Oh my gosh! NPR’s right! I’m in the wrong age bracket to be believe in God! I must give up faith now!’

…why is it people never seem to think that those who disagree with them might actually have a good reason for it?

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    this That NPR ‘special’ was all middlebrow hand-wringing
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    Maybe they are curious as to what that good reason to be christian might be… -FA